Gift a Smile

Our birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions are filled with memories of loved ones, friends and family. We make merry, rejoice in each other's company and give gifts. Actually, that's the only way we know how to express our love for people who mean something to us.

Have you ever thought of gifting your loved one, friend or relative a smile of a deprived soul?

Material gifts are temporary, capable of being destroyed or used up and worthy of only a certain amount. But some gifts are timeless, capable of brightening a dark life and invaluable in their worth.

Have you ever considered gifting a priceless present that can transform someone's existence?
If not, here's your chance to do something you might have never done before. Here's your chance to Gift a Smile.

There are those who celebrate by splurging on fine dining and there are those who celebrate their first taste of milk. There are those who celebrate the abundant comforts of a new home and there are those who celebrate the shelter of a blanket in the cold.

Gift a Smile is an endeavour through which you can express your good wishes for your family or friends on their special occasion by donating towards a noble cause on their behalf. You can feed a famished child, you can provide school supplies to a village child or you can save mute animals from slaughter. You can extend your love and Gift a Smile.