Sadguru Whispers

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The Guru loves you more than you love yourself.

Gandhiji's virtuous thoughts & deeds will always keep him alive.

Guru is the master architect of the disciple's spiritual world.

The Master moves around to distribute His love, not just lessons.

Live dharma and live happiness.Leave dharma and leave happiness.

Nations & organisations run not on ideals but on the people living those ideals.

In activity, practice awareness & in solitude, dive deeper within.

Is your life a burden or a celebration?

Value your present moment.That is the only reality.

Plunge into the silent space between your thoughts, you shall find inexplicable peace.

Is there a shift in your beliefs, in the way you respond to situations?

Glide through life with the Guru by your side.

Like breath & food are to the body, Satsang is for the soul & mind.

The Masters are in front of us, yet They are beyond us.

Always remember that you need God as greatly in good times as you need Him in bad times.

You are not just a human, you are a satsangi. Do your thoughts, words and deeds befit a satsangi?

Truth is in the facts and not in opinions.

Grounded in the truth, Guru guides the disciple to fly high in the inner skies.

Strong connection with the Guru expresses as sensitivity & love in a sevak.

The favourite part of any sport is the opportunity to play.

You may forget to close your eyes while praying, but don't forget to close your 'I'.Pray from the heart, not out of habit.

Don't miss a single chance to do dharma.Don't take up a single chance to sin.

Amongst all your duties, welfare of the Self is most important.

See God in the one whom your mind has rejected.

Luck is what you are left with, after you have given 100%.

The Guru has plans for your spiritual life. Living those plans is your responsibility.

Remember, your name is a formality not a reality.

Nothing matters to the one genuinely pursuing his dream.

Like a river never goes backward, forget the past & focus on the future.Always be positive.

The Masters don't only talk of dharma. They are an embodiment of dharma.