A devotee makes a wise choice.
He chooses the infinite God over the finite world.

Blessed to be an Atmarpit - Video
The 'Atmarpit' group is a group of life-long celibate devotees. They have chosen to lead a life of sadhana (spiritual pursuit) and seva (selfless service). Under the direction of Pujya Gurudevshri, they are progressing towards their goal of complete renunciation. They have reached the fourth 'paushad' pratima (4th level of preparatory monastic practices) out of eleven pratimas of shravaks or lay worshippers on their journey to becoming sadhus (monks). At present there are 94 Atmarpits.

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Pujya Gurudevshri addressing the Atmarpits
Atmarpits (Renunciate devotees)
The Atmarpits represent the administrative body of the Ashram. The implementation of the policies laid down for the development and maintenance of the Ashram culture, by the Trustees of the Ashram under the guidance of Pujya Gurudevshri, is carried out by the Atmarpits. They look after day-to-day administration of the Ashram. Several departments have been formed for its smooth functioning. Below is the list of departments.

List Of Departments
Sr. No. Department Leader Deputy Leader
1 Ashram Committee Atmarpit Paragji Atmarpit Nishitji
2 Jinmandir Atmarpit Mayaben Atmarpit Shobhanaben
3 Pujya Gurudevshri's
Appointments and Letters
Atmarpit Vishalbhai
4 Pujya Gurudevshri's Kitchen Atmarpit Seemaji
5 Divine Shop ( Dharampur) Atmarpit Jaitiben
6 Library Atmarpit Rutviben
7 Registration and Allotment Atmarpit Ushmaben Atmarpit Shivaniji
8 Programme Management Atmarpit Kinjalji Atmarpit Mitaji
9 Audio - Video (Dharampur) Atmarpit Paragji Atmarpit Anujbhai
10 Kitchen Atmarpit Apurvabhai Atmarpit Kishorebhai
11 Prasadgruh Atmarpit Nehaben Atmarpit Amishaben
12 Ashram Facilities Atmarpit Siddhiji Atmarpit Mansiben
13 Lost Property Atmarpit Ushmaben
14 Healthcare Centre Atmarpit Dr. Heeralbhai Atmarpit Dr. Rashmiben
15 Accounts Atmarpit Paragji Atmarpit Chahanbhai
16 Repairs and Maintenance Atmarpit Sachinbhai Atmarpit Pratikbhai
17 Purchase Atmarpit Rajanbhai Atmarpit Tejasbhai
18 Information Technology Atmarpit Viraliben
19 Admin Facilities Atmarpit Riniben
20 Public Relations (Dharampur) Atmarpit Fagunji
21 Security Atmarpit Rajanbhai Atmarpit Mehulbhai
22 Warehouse Atmarpit Shraddhaben
23 Front Desk Atmarpit Riniben
24 Ashram Group Visit Atmarpit Kinjalji

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