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Intensely in love with GOD

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ACD Rs.150/-
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The path towards the Divine, when one dissolves one's identity, such that every act reflects the Lord, every step is towards the Lord, every breath chants the name of the Lord, and existence itself is for the Lord, the world calls him a Bairagi - one who is intensely in love with GOD. Paving the way towards this Divine Love was Lord Mahavir. Several souls attained that Divine Union treading this path; one amongst them being Shrimad Rajchandraji. Shrimadji is highly revered for His great spiritual elevation, extraordinary personality, remarkable exposition of Lord Mahavir's teachings and literary genius. Guiding thousands of aspirants on this path is Shrimadji's ardent devotee, Pujya Gurudevshri, a Bairagi Himself. Every track in this album is a dedication to all those Great Souls who have dissolved their existence and have become one with the Divine.The music has been composed by Shri Manish Vyas.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Namaskar Mahamantra
04:31 Rs.20/-
2 Track 2: Vande Gurudev
04:49 Rs.20/-
3 Track 3: Sacho Saheb Paayo
08:03 Rs.20/-
4 Track 4: Humko Jagaya Aapne
08:24 Rs.20/-
5 Track 5: Kaun Sudharat Kaaj
06:21 Rs.20/-
6 Track 6: Bheetar Ka Raag Jagao
07:35 Rs.20/-
7 Track 7: Madbhari Bansuri Kya Baji
06:43 Rs.20/-
8 Track 8: Jogiya
07:41 Rs.20/-
9 Track 9: Kuchh Aisi Apni Kismat
09:45 Rs.20/-
10 Track 10: Aaj Hui Barsat
06:50 Rs.20/-


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