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Divine grace unfolds…

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ACD Rs.150/-
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Disc. Price: Rs.120/-

The ever-compassionate Guru manifests Himself in every aspect - in the freshness  of a new blossom, in the gaping beauty of the dusk, in the tender coolness of the first drizzle of rain. Above all He manifests in every teardrop, of a true devout, that flows in ceaseless devotion towards the boundless grace of the Divine Mentor.

On the auspicious day of kartik purnima, the birth anniversary of our beloved Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji – the embodiment of selfless compassion, a bhakti audio CD of the divine saga of the Guru’s endless grace is offered at His lotus feet. This enthralling devotional saga aptly named ‘Krupanidhan’, in the melodious voice of Sarvarpit Jai Shah with its soul-stirring music composed by Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah is now available on sale.

Come… enter the world of divine grace, where words cease to exist and pure love alone reigns.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Jai Jagattrata
10:08 Rs.20/-
2 Track 2: Shata Thodi Ashata Ghaneri
08:09 Rs.20/-
3 Track 3: Sharan Tamare Chhu
11:09 Rs.20/-
4 Track 4: Suna Jeevanni
06:00 Rs.20/-
5 Track 5: Tame Varsadi Mausam
06:17 Rs.20/-
6 Track 6: Veer Bhale Na Malo
06:00 Rs.20/-
7 Track 7: Raj Taru Sharan
05:44 Rs.20/-
8 Track 8: Samadhi Sadhan
08:44 Rs.20/-
9 Track 9: Aa Nabh Jhukyu
06:53 Rs.20/-
10 Track 10: Avsar Aavyo
04:22 Rs.20/-


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