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A Collection of 108 Hindi Prayers

Size 7.25" x 7.25" (Hard Bound)
No. of Pages 125
Language Hindi
Details Cost Qty Select
Hindi Book Rs.125/-

Devotion is a profound experience of pure love towards the Divine. The heart of a devotee experiences profound emotions of reverence, gratitude, love, security, worship, etc. towards the Lord and when these heartfelt emotions are expressed in words, it takes the form of a prayer (prarthna). Thus prayer proves to be an integral part of a seeker as it keeps him connected to the Lord and disconnected from the world.

Acknowledging the repeated requests of seekers, on the auspicious occasion of the 10th anniversary year celebration of the Ashram, a collection of 108 Hindi prayers aptly named ‘Sharnagati’ has been published.

With the sole aim to offer a powerful tool of connection and devotion, to aid all beings on their path of self-emancipation, this collection of prayers emoting love, faith, surrender, gratitude towards the Divine is now available on sale.


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