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ACD Rs.200/-
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Disc. Price: Rs.160/-

Naivedyam is an ageless ritual of making heartfelt offerings at the lotus feet of the Lord, signifying the devotee’s profound feeling of complete surrender to the Divine will.


Purity of mind, body and soul to make myself worthy of being a sacred offering to the Divine - such is the deep love and allegiance of a devotee which is beautifully and earnestly expressed through 14 dedications compiled in a set of 2 Audio CDs. Devotionally voiced by Sarvarpit Meghal Desai, these bhajans touch and cleanse the innermost realms of our heart. Narendra Bhide, who is based in Pune, has beautifully composed the music of one CD and Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah has remarkably composed the music of the second CD.

As every petal of the flower comes together to bring it to a full bloom, every virtue of a devotee blossoms when surrendered at the lotus feet of the Divine as…. Naivedyam.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Chalya Amey Toh
07:05 Rs.20/-
2 Track 2: Sadho Aisa Hi Guru
05:11 Rs.20/-
3 Track 3: Karunaghan Varsavo
07:15 Rs.20/-
4 Track 4: Nainheen Ko Raah
05:33 Rs.20/-
5 Track 5: Aisi Kari Gurudev Krupa
05:42 Rs.20/-
6 Track 6: Karuna Bahana Yaad Hai
07:39 Rs.20/-
7 Track 7: Saras Saras Mann
06:32 Rs.20/-
8 Track 8: Preeti Kari Amey
07:40 Rs.20/-
9 Track 9: Tari Paase Evu Te Shu
07:28 Rs.20/-
10 Track 10: Guru Tamara Snehno
07:27 Rs.20/-
11 Track 11: Tamey Aatla Vasi Jaasho
06:40 Rs.20/-
12 Track 12: Bhale Dushman Baney Duniya
08:25 Rs.20/-
13 Track 13: Tara Premne Olakhvani
07:14 Rs.20/-
14 Track 14: Majhi Naiya Dhundhe Kinara
08:37 Rs.20/-


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