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Chha Padano Patra

Chha Padano Patra

Event Date 2010
Media 1 MP3
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MP3 Rs.150/-

Popularly known as Chha Padano Patra, was an important milestone letter written by Shrimad Rajchandraji to His devoted disciple, Shri Lalluji Muni, in V.S. 1950 (1894 AD). This sacred patra (letter) contains invaluable guidance for a seeker in his quest for liberation, stating the six fundamental tenets of self-realisation.

During the year 2010, special shibirs based on this profound patra (letter) were conducted in various cities of India and abroad, by swadhyaykars of the Mission. Hundreds of devotees were spiritually enriched through their inspiring sessions.

An mp3 on the stimulating sessions conducted by Premarpit Piyushbhai Shah, unraveling the spiritual treasures imbedded within this precious Chha Padano Patra is now available on sale. Along with the mp3 a booklet on the patra with its meaning is also available.


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