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In Tune with the Divine

In Tune with the Divine

Media 1 ACD
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ACD Rs.125/-
Full Album Download MRP:  Rs.125/-
Disc. Price: Rs.100/-

To commemorate 4 wonderful years of Magictouch, Magictouch offered an Audio CD, 'In tune with the Divine' at the lotus feet of the Lord on the divine occasion of Gurupurnima on 20th July '08.
This Audio CD consists of 12 soul-stirring tracks. From prayers to the Lord Almighty to tributes to great saints who have touched our lives; from selfless service to selfless love; from being prayerful to staying cheerful - this Audio CD is a gamut of toe-tapping numbers, each one unique, each one exciting!
A book of lyrics has also been added to encourage the young lovers of the Divine to sing along.
The music has been composed and re-arranged by Alap Desai. This Audio CD will also be available at all the Magictouch centres.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Ae Mere Daata
05:53 Rs.15/-
2 Track 2: Hum Sabke Dil Mein
03:49 Rs.15/-
3 Track 3: O, Mahavir Prabhu!
03:58 Rs.15/-
4 Track 4: Prabhu Rajchandra Dev
04:35 Rs.15/-
5 Track 5: Siddharth and Chenna
05:21 Rs.15/-
6 Track 6: O Krishna! O Krishna!
04:00 Rs.15/-
7 Track 7: Dear Gandhiji
02:59 Rs.15/-
8 Track 8: I Promise You, O Lord!
01:27 Rs.15/-
9 Track 9: Yeh Seva Hamari Hai
04:08 Rs.15/-
10 Track 10: Beauty without Cruelty
03:27 Rs.15/-
11 Track 11: Almighty Lord
05:35 Rs.15/-
12 Track 12: Magictouch Theme Song
04:55 Rs.15/-


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