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Hey Nath

Hey Nath

Prarthnadeep pragtaviye antarma

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ACD Rs.100/-
MP3 Download MRP:  Rs.100/-
Disc. Price: Rs.80/-

Prayer is a deeply personal and powerful means of communion between the devotee and the Lord. When the devotee’s life is centred on God alone, his yearning, his passion, his surrender and all his emotions manifest in the form of prayer towards His Divine Beloved.

A sequel to ‘Hey Dev’, the sweet ruminations of an ardent devotee have been captured in this stirring Audio CD, ‘Hey Nath’. It comprises 10 tracks voiced by Sarvarpit Maulik Shah with background music by Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah.

Listen, imbibe, connect with each reverberating syllable and celebrate the presence of the Higher in your life. Get transported to a sacred space of devotion, no matter where you are through Hey Nath.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Mari Prarthnana Prerak
3:01 Rs.15/-
2 Track 2: Hu ane Tu Juda Shu Kaam
3:49 Rs.15/-
3 Track 3: Smaranni Sogaat
3:49 Rs.15/-
4 Track 4: Roj Roj Prarthna Karu Chhu
3:30 Rs.15/-
5 Track 5: Shwasma Taro Pravesh
3:56 Rs.15/-
6 Track 6: Tu Ketlo Chupaish
3:46 Rs.15/-
7 Track 7: Bhakti Maru Brahmand Chhe
3:40 Rs.15/-
8 Track 8: Ahamno Ant
3:30 Rs.15/-
9 Track 9: Kyan Antardhyan Thai Gaya Chho
3:45 Rs.15/-
10 Track 10: Tu Khoob Aaghe Chhe
3:19 Rs.15/-


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