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Hey Krupalu

Hey Krupalu

Vachanamrutjina sparshe sfurti antarsamvedna

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ACD Rs.100/-
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Disc. Price: Rs.80/-

Akin to the return of a weary traveller, a prayer is like a homecoming for a devotee, a peaceful and joyous communion with the Lord. Rooted in the heart and nourished by the perpetual yearning for oneness with the Divine, prayer emanates from the core of the seeker’s being, takes the form of language and emerges as an offering to the compassionate One.

Third in the series, following ‘Hey Dev’ and ‘Hey Nath’, this soothing audio CD ‘Hey Krupalu’ comprises prayerful renditions inspired by Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanamrutji. A devotional outpouring of love for the Lord, ‘Hey Krupalu’s’ 8 stirring tracks in prose are embellished with the rich voices of Atmarpit Maulikji and Dharmesh Mehta.

The soulful music has been composed by Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah and the poignant prayers have been penned by Premarpit Dr. Atulbhai Shah, Sarvarpit Meghal Desai and Sarvarpit Dimple U. Mehta.

This devout offering is sure to invigorate a seeker’s attunement with the Divine.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Vachanamrutjino Mahima
4:21 Rs.15/-
2 Track 2: Biju Kai Shodh Ma
8:16 Rs.15/-
3 Track 3: Moksh Durlabh Nathi, Daata Durlabh Chhe
7:04 Rs.15/-
4 Track 4: Dharma j Jenu Sarvasva Chhe
8:25 Rs.15/-
5 Track 5: Asharantavala Jagatne Satpurush j Sharan
8:15 Rs.15/-
6 Track 6: Bhakti e Sarvopari Marg Chhe
6:42 Rs.15/-
7 Track 7: Parasmanino Sang
5:53 Rs.15/-
8 Track 8: Tamare Mathey Amara Jeva Chhe
7:24 Rs.15/-


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