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Divine Love

Divine Love

I am Yours

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ACD Rs.150/-
MP3 Download MRP:  Rs.150/-
Disc. Price: Rs.120/-

Music inspires in us, an eloquent expression which is beyond words. ‘Divine Love’, a moving album is a collection of 14 heartfelt dedications at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. The 14 tracks have been sung soulfully by Jivanarpit Shraddha Kothari and the sound has been designed by Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah. A pleasing blend of Hindi and English songs, this album is endowed with piety to uplift the consciousness.

Let us inundate our beings with light and bliss through this enriching Audio CD. 

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Patrank - 76
4:10 Rs.15/-
2 Track 2: Wherever You are
4:22 Rs.15/-
3 Track 3: A Thousand Years
4:46 Rs.15/-
4 Track 4: Guru
3:56 Rs.15/-
5 Track 5: The Power of Love
4:01 Rs.15/-
6 Track 6: Can’t Help Falling in Love
2:40 Rs.15/-
7 Track 7: A Divine Trance
8:30 Rs.15/-
8 Track 8: Sweet Dreams
5:06 Rs.15/-
9 Track 9: My Love
5:00 Rs.15/-
10 Track 10: Mujh Mein Tu
3:23 Rs.15/-
11 Track 11: My Heart Will Go on
4:14 Rs.15/-
12 Track 12: Lord I Give You My Heart
3:00 Rs.15/-
13 Track 13: Aho! Aho! Shri Sadguru
4:15 Rs.15/-
14 Track 14: Kshamapna
5:47 Rs.15/-


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