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Compiled Yearly Set

Place Dharampur
Media 1 MP3 DVD/18 DVD
Year 2013
Details Cost Qty Select
MP3 Rs.500/-
DVD Rs.2,000/-
MP3 Download and Sadguru Enlightens App MRP:  Rs.500/-
Disc. Price: Rs.400/-

The sacred text explained by Pujya Gurudevshri during the year 2013 was Yogdrashtisamucchay, authored by Shrimad Haribhadrasurishwarji Maharaj.

The revered text expounds the eight yogdrashtis or stages of progressive development of the soul on the spiritual journey. Holding supreme significance not only in Jain literature alone, the scripture is a jewel in Indian and world philosophical literature. For those seeking the everlasting bliss of liberation, the text carves out a step-by-step chart to move inwards and realise the Self.

With the aim to enable seekers to regularly check their spiritual progress, a MP3 DVD set and DVD set  of Pujya Gurudevshri’s enlightening pravachans on this revered text are now available on sale.

Self Study Kit

  MP3 Download or Sadguru Enlightens App  
No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Mangalacharan
--- Rs.100/-
2 Mitradrashti
--- Rs.100/-
3 Taradrashti
--- Rs.100/-
4 Baladrashti
--- Rs.100/-
5 Deepradrashti
--- Rs.400/-
6 Sthiradrashti
--- Rs.100/-
7 Kantadrashti
--- Rs.100/-
8 Prabhadrashti
--- Rs.100/-
9 Paradrashti
--- Rs.100/-
10 Muktatattvamimansa
--- Rs.100/-
11 Upsamhar
--- Rs.100/-


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