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Mere Raj

Mere Raj

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ACD Rs.150/-
MP3 Download MRP:  Rs.150/-
Disc. Price: Rs.120/-

A moving expression of pure love, ‘Mere Raj’ is an album sweetly endowed to bring a devotee to a state of intense connection with the Divine.

This remarkable album comprises of 7 melodious tracks sanctified by the glorious name of Param Krupalu Dev, in the voices of Sarvarpit Amit Sheth, Sarvarpit Meghal Desai and Jivanarpit Shraddha Kothari with the music composed by Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah and the narration scripted by Sarvarpit Dimple Mehta.

Come… nurture your devotion with the soulful and uplifting Audio CD.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Seejhya Prabhu Mujh Kaaj
15:43 Rs.30/-
2 Track 2: Nirmaltanu Vardan
10:41 Rs.30/-
3 Track 3: Guru Tari Aankhe
9:21 Rs.30/-
4 Track 4: Shri Guru Ke Charan
8:57 Rs.30/-
5 Track 5: Mere Mann Tu Na Kaahe
9:54 Rs.30/-
6 Track 6: Prabhu Rajchandra Krupalu
8:44 Rs.30/-
7 Track 7: Dhun - Om Rajeshwaray
7:31 Rs.30/-


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