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Sadgurum Tam Namami

Sadgurum Tam Namami

Melting in Meditation

Media 2 ACD
Language Gujarati / English
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ACD Rs.200/-
MP3 Download MRP:  Rs.200/-
Disc. Price: Rs.160/-

The Guru guides us on the inner journey to experience the bliss of our True Eternal Self. To offer salutations to the Master and express our reverence, ‘Sadgurum Tam Namami’, a set of 2 Audio CDs (English and Gujarati) with two 24-minute meditation tracks each, titled ‘Gurukrupano Divya Sparsh’ and ‘Gurumanaspuja’ has been launched.

The English and Gujarati tracks have been recorded in the soothing voices of Atmarpit Vidhiben and Sarvarpit Jigar Choksi respectively. The music has been arranged by Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah.

As a part of Pujya Gurudevshri’s Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations, aspirants across the globe will meditate on this CD on the 26th of each month and deepen their elevation.

This 48 - minute CD will serve as a powerful means to uplift seekers to a world of peace and purity.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Gurukrupano Divya Sparsh (Gujarati)
24:00 Rs.60/-
2 Track 2: Gurumanaspuja (Gujarati)
24:00 Rs.60/-
3 Track 1: Gurukrupano Divya Sparsh (English)
24:00 Rs.60/-
4 Track 2: Gurumanaspuja (English)
24:00 Rs.60/-


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