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SADGURU: Vachanamrut - Mudra - Satsamagam

SADGURU: Vachanamrut - Mudra - Satsamagam

A Musical Dramatisation - Entering the 50th Year

Place Mumbai
Event Date 26th Sep '15
Details Cost Qty Select
DVD Rs.200/-

The auspicious presence of a Sadguru in the life of a disciple adds a higher purpose and deeper meaning to life. Each moment with the Master thrives with grace; each aspect of the Sadguru - His words, His mudra and being in His divine satsang enthralls the very core of the disciple.

This beautiful relationship was depicted splendidly through the various dedications offered in the celebrations of Pujya Gurudevshri entering into His 50th jubilee year.

The celebrations included devotional dance, music, art and heart touching dramatisations, which truly made it an unforgettable morning. It was a heartfelt expression of deep gratitude and love for the ever-compassionate Guru.

Relive the infinite blessings of the Sadguru, through a DVD of this magnificent celebration, which is now available on sale.


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