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Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru

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ACD Rs.200/-
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Chanting is an age-old spiritual practice that endows one with purity and serenity. Constant repetition of a mantra weans away worldly thoughts, opening the seeker's heart to unite with the Divine.

The CD aptly named ‘Beejmantra’ comprises the pious chanting of ‘Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru’ - a sacred mantra graciously bestowed by Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandraji. It has specially been sung in eight different raags corresponding to the eight different times of the day. Sarvarpit Jai Shah, Sarvarpit Jigar Choksi and Atmarpit Harshadbhai have lent their soulful voices to the music arranged by Sarvarpit Sundeep Shah for this meditative compilation.

Delve deeper within the Self through the powerful medium of chanting.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Introduction
3:59 Rs.30/-
2 Track 2: Lalit - Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru
8:05 Rs.30/-
3 Track 3: Bhairavi - Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru
8:07 Rs.30/-
4 Track 4: Todi - Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru
8:27 Rs.30/-
5 Track 5: Patdeep - Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru
8:09 Rs.30/-
6 Track 6: Puriya Dhanashri - Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru
8:14 Rs.30/-
7 Track 7: Khamaj - Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru
8:00 Rs.30/-
8 Track 8: Darbari Kanada - Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru
8:03 Rs.30/-
9 Track 9: Pilu - Sahajatmaswaroop Paramguru
8:17 Rs.30/-


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