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Sadguru Alerts

Sadguru Alerts

50 Insightful Questions from the Master

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The book named ‘Sadguru Alerts' is a priceless gift encompassing 50 questions to aid aspirants on the quest of self-discovery. This book is launched in commemoration of Pujya Gurudevshri’s 50th Birthday.

Instigating a process of self-inquiry, it is a collection of insightful questions from the Master. Although written in a simple and lucid language, it is embedded with pearls of wisdom and delightful illustrations. Aimed at transformation through introspection, it provokes the psyche to probe deep within the self. The Grace of the Enlightened Ones time and again encourages seekers to dispel the shadow of ignorance and seek the light of self-awareness.

Make this book a tool to embark on the journey to your Self.


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