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Adbhut Astitva

Adbhut Astitva

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ACD Rs.350/-
MP3 Download MRP:  Rs.350/-
Disc. Price: Rs.280/-

A presence that can be perceived but scarcely defined, an essence that can be experienced but hardly expressed in words, an entity that can be acknowledged but barely described – such an Unmatched Existence is Pujya Gurudevshri.

Thousands of seeking souls world over have found spiritual refuge and direction at His Lotus Feet. Scores of distressed, downtrodden and desolate souls have found solace in His Loving Heart.

Commemorating 50 blissful years of the benevolent Master’s life is a set of 2 Audio CDs, aptly titled ‘Adbhut Astitva’.

The 15 music tracks have been composed by various artists including Meetaben Shah, Milind Gune, Anuj Garg, R.S. Mani and Ameya Naik. Singers like Jaydeep Swadia, Rahul Deshpande, Shantanu Herlekar, Meetaben Shah, Mahesh Kale, Randip Chaudhry, Bhanu Pratap, Diksha Garg, Nitin Sampat and Madhura Kumbhar have lent their beautiful voices to these heart-touching tracks.

Unparalleled is the Sadguru’s Grace and Compassion. We bow in reverence to the One who remains centred within amidst all situations and circumstances.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Mangalacharan
2:00 Rs.30/-
2 Track 2: Yeh Janmotsav Hai Anupam
5:47 Rs.30/-
3 Track 3: Sadguru Sharanam Anandam Anandam
3:10 Rs.30/-
4 Track 4: Hey Sadgurudeva
3:05 Rs.30/-
5 Track 5: Nit Sevano Ochhav Yachun
3:40 Rs.30/-
6 Track 6: Tu Hi Tu
6:22 Rs.30/-
7 Track 7: Shri Guru Bhagwant
5:41 Rs.30/-
8 Track 8: 108 Gunasankirtan
7:25 Rs.30/-
9 Track 9: Namostu Guruvaram
6:06 Rs.30/-
10 Track 10: Aho Aho Upkar
5:28 Rs.30/-
11 Track 11: Sadgurum Tam Namami
4:42 Rs.30/-
12 Track 12: Shuddhata Vichare Dhyave
4:20 Rs.30/-
13 Track 13: Sadguru Tirthswaroop
4:05 Rs.30/-
14 Track 14: Utsav Aaya
4:45 Rs.30/-
15 Track 15: Mharo Sadguru Aayo Re
5:25 Rs.30/-


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