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Exhilarating Moments with Meghdhanush - The Band

Exhilarating Moments with Meghdhanush - The Band

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MP3 Download MRP:  Rs.125/-
Disc. Price: Rs.100/-

Varsh Poornahuti Mahotsav 2016 was an enchanting experience for the thousands of devotees who gathered, from across the world at the Ashram to bring in the New Year with their beloved Master and bask in His divine grace.

The evening of December 31, 2016 was exceptionally elevating as seekers immersed in devotion with mesmerising bhakti by the renowned band - Meghdhanush. Meghdhanush, a bunch of young musicians excelling in the genre of Experimental Rock, has been performing at various music festivals and events in India and across the world. Apart from doing live shows, Meghdhanush also produces music, arranges background scores for film projects and composes jingles. In their unique style, this well-known band tuned aspirants to the Divine with soulful bhakti. Compositions like ‘Vaishnav Jana Toh’, ‘Prabhuji Daya Karo’, ‘Sanson Ki Mala’, struck an emotional chord with the audience. To relive the electrifying moments and dwell in these melodies, an MP3 comprising of the live recording of 21 tracks has been launched.

Rise higher in Divine Love with these heart touching renditions!

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Navkar Mantra
0:51 Rs.10/-
2 Track 2: Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam
6:43 Rs.10/-
3 Track 3: Vaishnav Jana Toh
3:39 Rs.10/-
4 Track 4: Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram
1:33 Rs.10/-
5 Track 5: Prabhuji Daya Karo
6:58 Rs.10/-
6 Track 6: Baawari Tore Pyar Mein
4:25 Rs.10/-
7 Track 7: Aapna Malak Na
5:00 Rs.10/-
8 Track 8: Aeri Aali Piya Bin
7:55 Rs.10/-
9 Track 9: Pyasi Hai Nadiya
4:48 Rs.10/-
10 Track 10: Madhur Madhur Naam
3:28 Rs.10/-
11 Track 11: Mor Bani Thanghat Kare
3:48 Rs.10/-
12 Track 12: Raj Maney Lagyo
2:00 Rs.10/-
13 Track 13: Guru Govind Dono Khade
7:06 Rs.10/-
14 Track 14: Behte Behte
5:59 Rs.10/-
15 Track 15: Rudi Ne Rangeeli
10:21 Rs.10/-
16 Track 16: Bulla Ki Jaana
3:44 Rs.10/-
17 Track 17: Sanware Tore Bin
0:12 Rs.10/-
18 Track 18: Sayonee
3:59 Rs.10/-
19 Track 19: Medley
10:16 Rs.10/-
20 Track 20: Sanson Ki Mala
6:34 Rs.10/-
21 Track 21: Sanu Ik Pal
6:13 Rs.10/-


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