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Atmanivedan - Antarmanthan

Atmanivedan - Antarmanthan

Size 7" x 7" (Hard Bound)
No. of Pages 240 & 184
Language Gujarati
Details Cost Qty Select
Gujarati Book Rs.350/-

Always in tune with the Lord, prayer is the beginning of a divine alliance and the end of ignorance, ego and attachment. Keeping this aim in mind, Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram has published a set of two books based on spiritually enriching prayers in Gujarati, which is now available on sale.
This set comprises of a compilation of various soul-stirring prayers created on the basis of Pujya Gurudevshri's elevating pravachans along with some chosen prayers from the previous publication - 'Prabhu Pratye'. The 2 books that make up this set are:


This is a collection of soulful outpourings of a devotee's heart expressing his overflowing love, undeterred faith and unconditional surrender towards the ever benevolent Lord.


This is a compilation of various insights written on the basis of the internal churning experienced by an aspirant on the path of liberation.


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