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Yugpurush Yashogaan

Yugpurush Yashogaan

Place Dharampur
Event Date 2nd Nov '17
Details Cost Qty Select
ACD Rs.350/-
MP3 Download MRP:  Rs.350/-
Disc. Price: Rs.280/-

Combining moving lyrics with rhythmic music, the famous Bollywood music composer duo Sachin - Jigar won the hearts of thousands with their enthralling bhakti performance during the Yugpurush Saardh Shatabdi Mahotsav. The soulful renditions were also sung by renowned singers Divya Kumar, Bhoomi Trivedi, Siddharth Bhavsar and Tanishka Sanghvi. Devotees can now reconnect with those remarkable moments through a studio-recorded album ‘Yugpurush Yashogaan’ comprising of 14 mesmerising tracks available as an audio CD and for MP3 download.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Maney Sadguru Malya
4:38 Rs.30/-
2 Track 2: Mannma Vasey Chhe Raj
4:51 Rs.30/-
3 Track 3: Jinvar Kahe Chhe Jnan
4:02 Rs.30/-
4 Track 4: Bina Nayan Pavey Nahin
3:32 Rs.30/-
5 Track 5: Nirkhine Navyauvana
5:07 Rs.30/-
6 Track 6: Icche Chhe Je Jogi Jan
4:20 Rs.30/-
7 Track 7: Jay Jagattrata
3:24 Rs.30/-
8 Track 8: Amey Rajrange Rangaya
5:46 Rs.30/-
9 Track 9: Tara Nainma
5:50 Rs.30/-
10 Track 10: Raj Teri Rehmatein
6:13 Rs.30/-
11 Track 11: Jo Tum Ho Sang Mere
5:28 Rs.30/-
12 Track 12: Raj Tari Dhun Laagi
5:31 Rs.30/-
13 Track 13: Raj Mujne Jhaali Lo
4:45 Rs.30/-
14 Track 14: Guru Raj Aavoji
5:33 Rs.30/-


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