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  • For 7 days free trial SMS: SUB SW <mobile num> <name> to 9355492200.
  • Validity is one year from date of purchase.
  • Please enter 0091 + your mobile number without any special characters (eg. mobile number in India should be entered as 00919898012345).
  • Please note that duplicate subscriptions/renewals for the same mobile number cannot be refunded.
  • Instructions for Sadguru Whispers SMS subscribers in India:
    • In order to ensure delivery of Sadguru Whispers SMS, please send the following 2 SMS to 9355492200 from your mobile phone:
    • On sending the above SMS, you should receive a confirmation SMS saying you have been added to the group.
    • In order to check the expiry date of your Sadguru Whispers subscription, please send the following 2 SMS to 9355492200 from your mobile phone:
  • Kindly email us at sms.support@srmd.org for any queries or clarification.

Sadguru Whispers

Pujya Gurudevshri's grace is immeasurable. First He reached our homes through the webcast facility that enabled us to stay at par with His divine pravachans, and now He goes one step forward to ensure we put the knowledge into practice and begin our inward journey - by introducing the ever connecting divine SMS service.

Yes, Pujya Gurudevshri aims to brighten each day of ours by reaching out to each one of us through an inspiring message - a message that will constantly remind us to go within and get connected to the Infinite. A message from the Divine that will help us remain uninfluenced by the external distractions. A process, that will truly help us experience God at every step of our lives.

Thus, it's time!

It's time to put His vision into action.

It's time to let the flaming intensity of Self-realisation leap.

It's time to surrender each moment to HIM.

It's time to awaken to HIS WORD, to awaken to..... HIS DIVINE MESSAGE

And hence 'SMS' now gets redefined for us from 'Short Messaging Service' to 'Soul Mesmerising Service'

Subscribe to this service of divine connection NOW!

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