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Calendar 2019

Calendar 2019

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Mission Calendar Rs.120/-
Corporate Calendar Rs.120/-

Encouraging us to overhaul our perspective towards life and enriching it in the New Year is the Calendar 2019.  

Through the theme ‘Dynamic Definitions’, of this calendar Pujya Gurudevshri reshuffles our concepts and gives new outlook to our emotions such as Happiness, Love, Kindness and more. Embellished with exquisite chitrapats of the Master, the calendar is sure to fill our days with joy and liveliness. The corporate edition of Calendar 2019 is adorned with inspiring vistas that complement the inspirational message.

There are two versions of the Calendar 2019:

- The Mission calendar features resplendent chitrapats of the Divine Master.

- The Corporate calendar has inspiring vistas that complement each inspirational message.

For corporate enquiries and bulk orders please contact Sarvarpit Kunal Doshi (Corporate Sales Head) Tel: 09821092971 (M).


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