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In Tune with the Arhats

In Tune with the Arhats

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ACD Rs.150/-
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Disc. Price: Rs.120/-

By the glorious grace of Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandra and under the guidance of Pujya Gurudevshri, Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch is extremely happy to announce the release of its second most awaited Audio CD - 'In Tune with the Arhats'. Celebrating almost a year of Arhat Touch, this Audio CD commemorates the wonders of the curriculum that is being imparted to the children of Arhat Touch.

This Audio CD consists of 23 awe inspiring tracks, dedicated to the ever-revered, omniscient Tirthankar Bhagwans. The tracks include various sacred Jain sutras like the Chaityavandan Sutras, Logassa and Ashta Prakari Puja Dohas, Arti - Mangal Divo - to name a few of the wonders included in this new Audio CD!

The music of this devotional Audio CD, which is now available on sale, has been composed and arranged by Vipul Samani and Sundeep Shah. A booklet comprising of the lyrics is also enclosed with the Audio CD to encourage one to sing along and thus connect to the Divine.

'In tune with the Arhats' is an initiative to bring each one, young and old, 'in tune' with Jainism and furthermore, with their inner being.

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No. Track Name Select Duration Cost
1 Track 1: Navkar Mantra
02:02 Rs.10/-
2 Track 2: Arhanto Bhagwant
02:13 Rs.10/-
3 Track 3: Ashta Prakari Puja Dohas
07:27 Rs.10/-
4 Track 4: Logassa Sutra
02:34 Rs.10/-
5 Track 5: Chaityavandan Sutras
02:00 Rs.10/-
6 Track 6: Jan Kinchi Sutra
00:19 Rs.10/-
7 Track 7: Shakrastav
04:19 Rs.10/-
8 Track 8: Javanti Cheiaim Sutra
00:20 Rs.10/-
9 Track 9: Pranipat (Khamasaman) Sutra
00:18 Rs.10/-
10 Track 10: Javant Ke Vi Sahoo Sutra
00:19 Rs.10/-
11 Track 11: Uvasaggaharam Stavan
03:02 Rs.10/-
12 Track 12: Jay Viyaray Sutra
01:15 Rs.10/-
13 Track 13: Arihant Cheiyanam Sutra
00:31 Rs.10/-
14 Track 14: Annattha Oosasienam Sutra
00:42 Rs.10/-
15 Track 15: Thoy (Kallankandam)
00:35 Rs.10/-
16 Track 16: Stuti (Avyo Sharane)
00:57 Rs.10/-
17 Track 17: Arti
03:58 Rs.10/-
18 Track 18: Mangal Divo
02:48 Rs.10/-
19 Track 19: Sundar Jeevan Malyu
04:44 Rs.10/-
20 Track 20: Mere Pyare Prabhu
05:37 Rs.10/-
21 Track 21: O! My Veer Prabhuji
07:11 Rs.10/-
22 Track 22: Tirthankar Bhagwans' Lanchhan Song
02:57 Rs.10/-
23 Track 23: Arhat Touch Song
06:04 Rs.10/-


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