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Divinetouch Champs - July 2019 Issue

Divinetouch Champs - July 2019 Issue

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1 Divinetouch Champs Magazine English 36 Rs.25/-

Bring home a friend that makes you think, laugh and grow. Divinetouch Champs is a monthly magazine especially designed for children between 5 to 15 years of age.

http://www.shrimadrajchandramission.org/grace/common/images/com-bullet.png Learn about the Sacred Life of Shrimad Rajchandraji.

http://www.shrimadrajchandramission.org/grace/common/images/com-bullet.png Apply the Wisdom of Pujya Gurudevshri in everyday situations to make life a joyful celebration.

http://www.shrimadrajchandramission.org/grace/common/images/com-bullet.png Delve into history to extract nectar from the lives of famous personalities.

http://www.shrimadrajchandramission.org/grace/common/images/com-bullet.png Uplift your spirits with inspiring stories, positive affirmations and simple meditations.

http://www.shrimadrajchandramission.org/grace/common/images/com-bullet.png Grow physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

http://www.shrimadrajchandramission.org/grace/common/images/com-bullet.png Discover religions practised across the world and the magnificence of our own Jain faith.

http://www.shrimadrajchandramission.org/grace/common/images/com-bullet.png Become aware of wondrous Mother Nature.

http://www.shrimadrajchandramission.org/grace/common/images/com-bullet.png Try your hand at various experiments and crafts.

36 pages of knowledge, inspiration and entertainment will give children their monthly dose of holistic nourishment.