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Sadguru Echoes - September 2019 Issue

Sadguru Echoes - September 2019 Issue

Vol Volume 9 Issue 9
Month September 2019
  Hardcover Book(s)  
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1 Magazine English/Gujarati/Hindi 60 Rs.35/-
2 e-Magazine for Sadguru Enlightens App English/Gujarati/Hindi 60 MRP:  Rs.35/-
Disc. Price: Rs.28/-

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The articles we read and news reports we hear generally connect us to the outside world. Now, let us shift our focus within and gain inspiration and nourishment for the inner journey. Elevating coverage of Mission activities, tips on practical spirituality and writing that will help connect to the Core, lie at the heart of this multilingual English, Gujarati and Hindi magazine. With special sections for the youth and children, each one is sure to gain his own spiritual fodder.

On the Joyous Occasion of Pujya Gurudevshri's 53rd Birthday:

                  You are a living Paradox of virtues
                           like a Bamboo!

                  You are deeply rooted in values,
                       yet flexible in approach!

                  You are strong in resolve,
                   yet hold a delicate heart!

                  You are greatness incarnate,
                  yet humility personified!

                  You stand firm and tall,
                yet bend down to pick us up!

                  You are our Beloved Master,
               leading us on the Path of Liberation!


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