Seva Programmes

Seva Programmes

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Seva programmes are special programmes organised under Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care which present a unique opportunity to contribute towards this noble cause. It is a beautiful chance to express how much we love and care by offering our time, skills and resources. Instead of whiling away time in sensual pleasures, we can touch someone's life by participating in the seva weeks and seva weekends.
These would include activities such as
  • Offer seva at a tribal medical outreach camp
  • Spend fun filled moments with less privileged children
  • Distribute utilities to widows
  • Spend a day at an old-age home
  • Spend a day at a home for the physically challenged
  • Distribute utilities to the poor
  • Participate in cleanliness drives
  • Become a Gwala for a day
  • Participate in an animal medical outreach camp
  • Visit schools and farmers to examine the rehabilitated cattle and rehabilitate cattle

Come... let us not miss this opportunity to make a difference; a real difference in the real world.

We have spent many a weekend planning entertainment, movies and shopping, immersed in fleeting pleasures. Now let us plan something more meaningful and something more lasting... seva! We have taken many a week off from our business schedules to beautiful vacation destinations. Now, let us offer a week of selfless service. So far, we have lived a life centred around ourselves; now it's time to step out and give all our love and share ourselves for the welfare of others.

And, realisation will dawn, that in offering ourselves to serve several other souls in this world, the gain is only and only ours. So come... let us not miss the opportunity to make a difference... within and without.

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