Offering Seva13th Nov '11

At a Physically Challenged Old Age

Home and an Orphanage

Sunday, 13th November '11 was a memorable day for the 70 inmates of Anand Niketan, a home for the physically challenged senior citizens. Each sevak took care of 5 inmates as a part of their family for the day and spent quality time with them. Sevaks befriended their new `family’, making them feel loved. They played games, sang songs and danced in order to lift the spirits of the inmates. They also served them tea and snacks. The inmates complimented the efforts of the sevaks with a warm smile. Sevaks also offered relaxing head massages to those who were in pain. They even decorated their beds with balloons, making the place look bright, warm and loving.

The Vatsalya Foundation, an orphanage that shelters about 50 children was visited by sevaks on 13th November '11. Sevaks organised a fun mela which included value based games, which propelled the children to recognise their talents and its scope of applicability in their daily lives. A treasure hunt was conducted for the teenagers serving as a medium to inculcate the spirit of team-building in them. This was followed by dances and performances by the children showcasing their skills and talents. Appetizing snacks were served at the end of the event. This was surely a memorable gift for those innocent children on the eve of Children’s Day.

The sevaks felt truly blessed for such a beautiful and joyous day, where they realised a valuable lesson that no matter how difficult the lives of these less privileged may be, but an expression of love and a gesture of care towards them, always brings a smile on their faces along with joy and hope in their hearts.

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