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Sep '16
Shrimad Rajchandra Child Malnutrition Centre Revitalises an Infant Life

Shrimad Rajchandra Child Malnutrition Centre Revitalises an Infant Life
Rajesh, a seven-month-old infant, from Moti Palsan village near Dharampur, had developed severe problems due to malnutrition. Unlike average infants of his age who normally weigh 5 kgs, Rajesh weighed only 1.7 kgs! Rajesh displayed symptoms of faltering growth and neurodevelopmental delay, even unable to hold his neck up. Additionally, he also suffered from mild hydrocephalus, a condition where one has an abnormally large head size. He was admitted to Shrimad Rajchandra Malnutrition Treatment Centre. Since he was severely anaemic and unable to take oral feeds, he was initiated on injectable antibiotics, intravenous fluids and a blood transfusion. A highly skilled team of specialists, including a paediatrician, physiotherapist and paediatric neurologist, monitored Rajesh’s recovery. After a few days, Rajesh started accepting special feeds for malnourished children. After 45 days in critical care, Rajesh’s weight increased to 2.9 kgs and he was able to achieve crucial neurological milestones, like developing a social smile and partial neck holding. His mother was also trained to take special care of his feeding and counselled on neuro-physiotherapy techniques. Rajesh was discharged as a healthy infant and provided with a developmental plan to support his growth. A critical condition which could have caused long term health issues was successfully treated with special care to enable a budding life to survive and thrive.

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