Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur


7th - 9th Jan '19

Belgium Dharmayatra 2019


Elevating Udghosh - Antwerp

Absorbing Bhakti Before Pratishtha - Antwerp

Pious Pratishtha Ceremony - Antwerp

Divine Arti - Antwerp

After the elating and euphoric London Spiritual Centre Pratishtha Mahotsav the benevolent Master proceeded to the port city of Antwerp from 7th to 9th January to elevate devotees.

Through two enlivening Sadguru Udghosh, the Master created unique pathways for seekers to bring about micro changes leading to a macro transformation. He equipped seekers to scan their thought processes and choose the right ones for their spiritual prosperity. Devotees’ hearts jumped and danced with joy on the Sadguru’s loving padhramanis. His each word, each gesture, each smile uplifted their beings in delight. A deeply connecting and memorable pratishtha consecrated the Lord at the abode of Kunal-Avani Mehta. Tears of love and gratitude rolled down the eyes of seekers as their devotion reached a crescendo.

The evening celebrations were an electrifying mix of dance and musical dedications. A ‘Divine Dinner’ comprising of a six course meal was the highpoint of the evening celebrations. Amidst silence and in a meditative ambience, devotees were blessed to have dinner with their beloved Sadguru. Every food item on the menu was defined creatively and equated with a spiritually significant aspect in the life of a seeker. The six course meal consisted of 3 Layered Dip with Tortilla Chips signifying Love, Faith and Surrender; Red Bell Pepper Soup - The Urge to Awaken; Avocado Salad - Fortified in Ajna; Pizza Al Forno - The Meditative Furnace; Tri Colour Pasta - Samyak Darshan, Jnan and Charitra; and Apple Crumble With Ice Cream - Moksha. Members of the Antwerp Raj Parivar, dressed as chefs and waiters, offered food to Pujya Gurudevshri.

The Antwerp Raj Parivar was also blessed with a daylong outing at Holland's water village of Giethoorn. Giethoorn is an idyllic village in Overijssel where countless thatched farms have been built on small peat islands connected by over 170 small wooden bridges. As the cruise crossed beautiful canals, picturesque farms and charming houses, devotees remained immersed in love, spending invaluable moments with their beloved Sadguru.

For the seekers of the Antwerp Raj Parivar these three days with Pujya Gurudevshri were a dream come true, an answer to their prayers and an occasion to go deeper and deeper in devotion.

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