Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur


2nd - 3rd Jun '18

Shibir 5: Shri Adhyatmakalpadrum

Ekadash Adhikar: Dharmashuddhi

Numerous Seekers Gather for Shibir

Dharampur Premier League

Runners-up of the Dharampur Premier League

Seeking solace from the heat of desires aspirants gathered at the Dharampur ashram on the evening of Friday, 1st June 2018 for the 5th sacred shibir of the revered text Shri Adhyatmakalpadrum. The summer edition of the bi-annual Spiritualtouch Retreat had just concluded and entranced by Pujya Gurudevshri's boundless love many young adults had stayed behind.

Through 3 enlivening Pravachans the Master proclaimed that life is a journey from birth to death but our choices are what makes it meaningful. Thus through the wisdom gained from the teachings of the Enlightened ones we must choose wisely. As a loving father who is gentle but firm the benevolent Sadguru outlined ways through which one could outwit the deceiving mind and render its tricks useless.

The evening brought with it great excitement as the first edition of the Dharampur Premier League football finals were held. The gracious presence of Pujya Gurudevshri the competing teams to give their best. Spurring the youth on the spiritual path through the medium of sports, ‘Sahebji’s Football Club’ has ensured that youngsters now look forward to attending every shibir. Atmarpit Nemilji and Atmarpit Apurvaji’s surprise participation as Wild Card Entries sent the assembled crowd into a frenzy. The smiles on the face of every team – be it the winners or runners up signalled that games were played in a spirit of true sportsmanship.

Salutations to the Sadguru’s mysterious ways that keep every devotee, young and old, attuned to the goal of Self-realisation.

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