Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur


4th - 9th Nov '18

The Glorious Granth Poornahuti Mahotsav 2018


Akin to a child drawn to the security and warmth of his mother's embrace, devotees long for the blessed shelter of their Sadguru's divine presence. Seeking one more opportunity to experience such bliss, aspirants from far and wide congregated at the Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram Dharampur for the 9th shibir of the year, the Granth Poornahuti Mahotsav.

Spread over 5 elevating days of the sacred festival of Diwali, the shibir commenced on the cool evening of Friday, 4th November 2018. Calming dhyan, connecting Ajnabhakti and inspiring Chaityavandan charged the mornings, while the days were adorned with invigorating learnings through Pujya Gurudevshri's powerful pravachans on two adhyays of the sacred text Shri Adhyatmakalpadrum: Mithyatvadinirodh and Saamyasarvasva. To ensure that seekers miss no opportunity of connection, various spiritually elevating programmes were planned for each night.

On the night preceding the shibir, seekers along with their Master watched the screening of Pujya Gurudevshri's recently concluded North East India Dharmayatra. Atmarpit Nemiji provided live commentary at certain places giving the crowd, a feeling of being present there. This was followed by a short but touching bhakti.

A quiz based on this year’s insightful Paryushan pravachans on Patrank 454, was conducted on the second night of the Shibir. It afforded seekers a quick recap to the learnings while also giving the quiz participants a chance to delve into greater depths of understanding. The event began with the recitation of Patrank 454 by two small children.

Engaging Quiz on Patrank 454

Spiritual Samuhik Chopda Pujan

Granth Utthapan Procession

Youth in Nrutyabhakti during Adhyatmik Dayro

Venerating the Divine through Devvandan

Devotees Absorbed in Devotion

On the crisp night of 6th November, an inspiring play 'Tejovalay' was presented by the devotees of Shri Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal, Sayla. At the end, Pujya Gurudevshri presented all the actors with gifts. The Master also took the cast of the play to the Amphitheater where He spent precious moments with them dancing in devotion. On this blessed day, 125 seekers took a step ahead on the spiritual path by taking the Vanprastha Diksha from the Beloved Master Himself.

The Samuhik Chopda Pujan on the fourth night of the shibir was a grand affair with the ethereal ambience of the Amphitheater adding to it's glory. The vision of the illuminated Pratimaji, the decorative flowers floating around it and the elevated spirits of the gathering all converged to create the perfect setting for the momentous pujan. Spirits were further heightened as devotees witnessed the Sadguru play dandiya with the sevaks.

Then began the celebrations commemorating Mahavir Bhagwan's Nirvan Kalyanak. The Mission's Bhakti team took the audience to great depths of devotion through their soulful rendition of the story of Lord Mahavir and His Gandhar Gautamswami. On this blessed occasion Animal Care under the auspices of Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care saved 501 animals from slaughter houses.

On the final night of the shibir an entertaining but spiritually insightful presentation 'Dolave Dayro Bhaktima' was staged by the renowned artist Sairam Dave. Through an amalgamation of folklore, humour and profoundly impactful snippets the talented artist won the heart of the Master when he included poetic compositions of Param Krupalu Dev in his narrative. Pujya Gurudevshri presented him with a memento and felicitated him. The evening concluded with energetic dancing by the youth, followed by a devotional Arti.

The majestic finale of the shibir was the momentous Mahamastakabhishek Ceremony of the 34-feet Pratimaji of Param Krupalu Dev, Shrimad Rajchandraji on the glorious morning of Friday, 9th November 2018, His Birth Anniversary as per the English Calendar. The event commenced with Tratak meditation and soothing melodies followed by the morning Devvandan. The Mahamastakabhishek of the Lord with coloured water denoting the five colours of panch parmeshti was a sight to behold. Through 3 cranes, one in the centre and one on each side Pujya Gurudevshri and the laabharthis showered the Pratimaji with water and flowers of different colours, which was serenaded with foot-tapping dances on the ground. Adding luminance to the already glowing event was the acceptance of the life long vow of celibacy by eleven couples. The event ended with a resonating Arti during which the Master was joined by Atmarpit Nemiji, Atmarpit Apurvaji and Atmarpit Maulikji.

On the auspicious occasion of the 151st Birth Anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandraji, Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care (SRLC) launched a special neonatal ambulance. With the purpose of preventing transport-related health complications, the ambulance has been designed to safely transport newborn babies to Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital (SRH). The specialised ambulance has been generously donated by Shri Firodia Trust, Pune, in memory of Shri Navalmalji Firodia. It was inaugurated by Smt. Shribalaji Firodia Choradia, Managing Trustee of Shri Firodia Trust in the divine presence of Pujya Gurudevshri. Through the blood donation drive initiative, SRLC collected a total 610 units of the life saving elixir.

The Grace of the Sadguru is such that He has made Diwali, a festival of lights into an extraordinary opportunity to illuminate our inner lamp of knowledge. Salutations to the Enlightened Beings who give worth to our mundane lives.

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