Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur


27th - 29th Jul '18

The Gracious Gurupurnima Celebrations 2018


The advent of an Enlightened Master gives meaning to life, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary, from mundane to an eventful journey. A devotee/disciple yearns to express his gratitude towards his Benevolent Master and the pious day of Gurupurnima offers him the best opportunity to do so. On this auspicious day, he serenades the ever-compassionate Sadguru singing odes to His numerous virtues and offers everything at the Master’s lotus Feet.

Seekers from across the globe congregated at the Dharampur Ashram on the blessed morning of Friday, 27th July to drench in the bountiful showers of grace showered by their loving Sadguru. Pujya Gurudevshri bestowed all with a priceless gift of celebrating the momentous occasion of Gurupurnima in the ashram, for not just one day but joyful celebrations went on for the next 2 days and concluded with the memorable Grow Green Drive.

Friday, 27th July 2018

The assembly of seekers eagerly awaited the arrival of their Sadguru as they soulfully chanted ‘Mara Nath Krupaludev, Bhagwan Krupaludev.’ Pujya Gurudevshri and the Ji’s s reverently garlanded the Pratimaji of Param Krupalu Dev and offered flowers at His Lotus Feet. The Master’s infinite love for Param Krupalu Dev shone through His eyes. By giving three pradakshinas they venerated the Lord with obiesance. On behalf of all the the trustees of the Mission venerated the Master with a garland and shawl. Seekers venerated their loving Master, with a heartfelt Guruvandan surrendering to Him completely. To commemorate this sacred occasion of Gurupurnima, 501 cattle were rescued from slaughterhouses by SRLC’s Animal Care and rehabilitated to animal shelters. Pujya Gurudevshri also flagged off the Grow Green Drive – a massive tree and sapling plantation initiative in the Ashram.

Elevating Sadguru Udghosh

Devotees Overflowing with Gratitude

Numerous Seekers Gather for Shibir

Devotees Participate in Grow Green Drive

Through an insightful Udghosh especially for the occasion of Gurupurnima, Pujya Gurudevshri elucidated that Gurupurnima is a festival for the disciple, to overflow with happiness, to feel something special within. It is a day for the ego to die and the self to merge in the Guru. After a heartfelt arti, the Sadguru walked among all the devotees in the hall, giving each one present an opportunity to behold His divine countenance at a close range. Tears flowed and spirits reached great heights as the loving Guru went slowly amidst all engulfing them in His Love.

The evening session comprised of a mesmerising Bhaav Yatra of Param Krupalu Dev’s charan pujan. Seekers were deeply engrossed in meditation reaching great heights of elevation and connection. The devotional atmosphere was made more moving by the rendition of soulful bhajans by the renowned singer Kavita Sheth. She was lovingly gifted a memento by Pujya Gurudevshri in appreciation for the connecting evening.

Saturday, 28th July 2018

Continuing to bask in the Sadguru’s aura, seekers experienced a renewed elevation through three enriching pravachans of the Dvadash Adhikar – ‘Devgurudharmashuddhi’. Pujya Gurudevshri stated that anything and everything good in life is a result of heartfelt bhakti of the Guru and all that is wrong is a consequence of one’s abhakti.

Sunday, 29th July 2018

The touching theme dhun of ‘Mara nath Krupalu Dev, Bhagwan Krupalu Dev’ set the tone for more uplifting moments spent in divine connection. After an invigorating pravachan, the Grow Green Drive Awards were announced. Under this noble initiative funds were collected to plant trees and saplings on the Ashram landscape. Individual donors as well as fundraiser groups were felicitated for their efforts and passion towards the cause.

The award for the highest fundraising group was presented to Sahebji’s Football Club. Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch bagged the award for the maximum number of spiritual zone trees. Singapore seekers Kirtidaben and Bharatbhai were awarded the highest individual donor award while the highest individual fundraiser was Sarvarpit Reshma Jain. 13 - year old Ariha Kamdar also raised a good amount, demonstrating to all the passion among young ones for this initiative.

The momentous day continued as the Master then proceeded to the Amphitheatre where He first offered His obeisance to Param Krupalu Dev before initiating the Grow Green Drive. A plaque inscribed with the sacred Vachanamrut of Param Krupalu Dev was unveiled. The Sadguru then went and planted each of the blessed 108 gratitude trees with the donor families. The Master graced each tree and spent few cherishing moments with each donor family. At the finale of this marathon drive, seekers danced in joyous abandon, enthusiastically chanting the favourite theme dhun of that Gurupurnima celebrations. Everyone’s spirits rose higher and higher with every chant, reaching a crescendo.

Thus drenching all in the shower of ceaseless grace Pujya Gurudevshri departed the venue. From a tiny sapling to the multitudes of seekers, no one was left untouched by His divine love. The compassion-filled eyes, the mysterious smile, the serene yet blissful countenance – so truly blessed are we to be in the pious presence of this Spiritual Maestro!

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