Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur

Magazine Sponsorship Schemes - 2019

Showers of Pujya Gurudevshri's unrelenting and ceaseless compassion come to us in the form of the enriching and elevating Mission Magazine: Sadguru Echoes.
Sadguru Echoes is a powerful medium to shift our focus within and gain inspiration and nourishment for the inner journey. This multilingual English, Gujarati and Hindi magazine comprises of elevating coverage of Mission activities, tips on practical spirituality and writings that will help connect to the Core.
To maintain its spiritual sanctity, no commercial advertisements are entertained to sponsor the magazine. However to make the publication viable and the magazine affordable to all, various sponsorship schemes are being offered.
Various Sponsorship options are given for Centres and individuals, so that everyone can contribute towards this noble cause.
Let us contribute in enabling Sadguru Echoes to reverberate across the entire world!
  • Sponsorship will be utilised for any future issue, as per discretion of editor and not necessarily for immediate issue.
  • Please mention the name of the sponsor as you would like it to appear in the magazine. Quotation on the sponsorship page will be selected by the editor. The editor reserves the right to modify the name of the sponsor for purpose of clarity and space. Publisher reserves the right to change the sponsorship schemes without prior notice.
  • Name of the sponsor for centre fold will appear on the editor’s note/credits page.
  • One may select more than one scheme.
Sponsorship Schemes
Scheme Description Amount
Sponsor a Picture An endearing two page depiction of significant moments of Pujyashri Ambalalbhai's life Rs. 20,000/-
Sponsor a Centre Spread A captivating photograph of a recent event Rs. 20,000/-
Sponsor a Back Cover Taking the Mission to the world Rs. 20,000/-
Sponsor a Poster Tools of connection for spiritual upliftment Rs. 10,000/-
Pujya Gurudevshri and You The Master guides the seeker Rs. 5,000/-
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