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1. Health Care

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A plaguing concern in rural India is providing affordable health care solutions. The rural population located in the Valsad district of South Gujarat ranks amongst the poorest in the state, grappling with issues like poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy and the lack of awareness of health related issues. These factors lead to premature deliveries, physical and mental disabilities, vulnerability to diseases and illnesses, non-adherence to basic hygiene standards among other problems.

To render comprehensive medical services of high quality, at subsidised rates or free for the underprivileged is the goal of the 'Health Care' initiative of the Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care Programme.


1 Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital (SRH)

Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital is a charitable, multi-speciality hospital located in Dharampur that offers a wide range of services and uses high quality medical technology rarely seen in rural areas. SRH is one of the best-equipped hospitals in the area, and the Government of Gujarat has designated it as a First Referral Unit (FRU) in Valsad district. SRH strives to provide comprehensive medical services of high quality at rates that are subsidised and affordable or free for the underprivileged.

Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital strives to provide highly specialised, quality healthcare to the rural population of South Gujarat. SRH’s facilities are among the most modern and comprehensive in the region. These facilities include:

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Paediatrics and Neonatology
General Surgery Endoscopy and Laparoscopy
Medicine Mobile Dental clinic
Dentistry Orthopaedics
Paediatric Orthopaedics Paediatric Ophthalmology
Urology Dermatology
ENT Pathology
Radiology & Ultrasonography Echocardiography (2-D Echo) and Colour Doppler
Physiotherapy Operation Theatres
ICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Separate General Wards
  • Male (1 ward)
  • Female (3 wards)
  • Paediatric (1 ward)
24-hours Emergency Service with
  • Casualty Section
  • Emergency OT

Blood Storage Unit CT Scan
24-hours Cardiac Ambulance Service Homeopathy

To expand the scope of healthcare services and to meet the increasing demand, a new 250 bed charitable multi-speciality Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital is being constructed in Dharampur, which will be a boon for the rural population of South Gujarat.

2Shrimad Rajchandra Viklang Centre (SRVC)

Shrimad Rajchandra Viklang Centre is a centre dedicated to the treatment of the physically challenged. SRVC offers holistic treatment and rehabilitation services for the physically challenged, with an aim to make the entire Valsad District disability-free.

SRVC is a child friendly, state-of-the-art unit striving to make the entire Valsad District disability-free by offering holistic rehabilitation services for the physically challenged.

The activities and services include:

  • Manufacturing and fitting of artificial limbs
  • Physiotherapy, with special focus on pediatric and cerebral palsy patients
  • Corrective surgeries for managing physical deformities
  • Paediatric orthopaedic consultations and corrective surgeries
  • Adult orthopaedic consultations
  • Paediatric neurophysiology consultations
  • Speech therapy
  • Prosthetics and orthotics for artificial aids and appliances
  • Physiotherapy (Paediatric and Adult)
  • Occupational Therapy

Paediatric orthopaedists from Mumbai, Surat and Vadodara provide their consultative services. They also conduct surgeries when necessary, in order to correct and manage severe physical deformities.

Every artificial limb or aid is tailor-made for the patient by qualified engineers and technicians. Therapists teach patients to use the artificial limb or aid, and treatment is completed only once the therapist is convinced that the patient is fully trained in the same.

The SRVC team understands that rehabilitation is a long-term process and is sensitive to the fact that patients come to SRVC from far off villages, which is why a residential facility is offered to the patients and their family along with meal services.

SRVC partners with various NGOs and the Government to reach out to more patients in need of treatment and organise outreach camps in remote villages.

3Shrimad Rajchandra Medical Camps

Shrimad Rajchandra Medical Camps are free multi-diagnostic camps for the rural population. These camps are conducted in villages on a regular basis to diagnose and treat a variety of ailments. Blood donation camps are also organised throughout the year.

Medical specialists from Mumbai, Surat and Vapi, as well as doctors from the USA and UK, treat patients with love and care, providing expert medical treatment and guidance, completely free of charge. The disciplines covered include Surgery, General medicine, Cardiology, Diabetes, Paediatrics, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, ENT, Dentistry, Sonography, Ophthalmology, Physiotherapy, Pathology, Speech therapy, Homeopathy etc. More than 70% of the patients treated by the Health Care programme are treated through these far-reaching, comprehensive, free medical camps.

Blood donation camps are regularly organised at Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, in which hundreds of participants donate blood.

4 Shrimad Rajchandra Preventive Care Programme

Trained health workers carry out door-to-door surveys to screen individuals aged 35 and above for measuring blood pressure and checking urine sugar, so as to identify and shortlist for care, those suspected to be suffering from diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, and asthma, to name a few. The shortlisted patients are referred to the nearest SRH Outreach Centre for diagnosis and treatment. The health workers further ensure that all shortlisted patients undergoing treatment continue to visit the Outreach Centre for follow-up treatment.


5Shrimad Rajchandra Health Education & Awareness Lessons (HEAL)

Shrimad Rajchandra Health Education & Awareness Lessons is an initiative for spreading health awareness in rural areas. This programme teaches people about health-related topics like pregnancy, childbirth, immunisation, nutrition and hygiene. These lessons are especially important to dispel long-held superstitious beliefs about the causes of illness.

SRLC has a dedicated centre in Dharampur to implement this initiative, called Shrimad Rajchandra Health Education Centre for Adolescents. Lectures and workshops are conducted for adolescents - mainly girls - as they are the future mothers. Through the medium of posters, models, PowerPoint presentations and interactive games, education on subjects such as nutrition, hygiene, puberty, safe motherhood, and child-care is imparted. A special emphasis is laid on social issues like avoiding child marriage, opting for higher education and becoming self-reliant so that future generations do not suffer. Health awareness drives are held on a regular basis in remote areas in and around the Valsad District to convey this message and make sure that people easily remember what they have learnt.

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