7. Humanitarian Care

Emotional compassion: To just sympathise with the person in pain.
Purposeful compassion: To empathize and help him to come out of the cause of his pain.

The disparity between the haves and the have-nots within the society is glaring. The pitiable state of slum-dwellers such as miniscule living space, lack of water, absence of toilets, and non-existent sewage systems are just some of the problems faced by a large section of people in rural India. The physically challenged, terminally ill are part of the overlooked. There are an increasing number of abandoned elders with a lack of economic means and emotional support who have been rendered destitute.

It is for these exploited individuals and groups that the 'Humanitarian Care' was launched, under the Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care Programme. Humanitarian Care works towards providing physical, emotional and vocational support to sections of society which need special attention, say for example, slum-dwellers, abandoned elders, physically challenged and terminally ill patients. Till date, over 2 lakh lives have benefitted through Humanitarian Care activities.


1Shrimad Rajchandra Differently abled

This project involves supporting homes for the physically challenged and shelters that are not well aided and are lacking in essential resources. Customised solutions are provided in the areas of food, shelter, vocational support, medical support, educational aids, moral value building and other areas. Efforts are also undertaken to make the physically challenged self-reliant over time.


2Shrimad Rajchandra Affection for Aged

It is a cruel reality of our modern day society that elders are abandoned and forgotten by their own family members. This project aims to provide what they need the most - medical support and companionship. By simply spending some time with the inmates of old age homes, and spreading love and true joy in their lives.


3Shrimad Rajchandra Hospice Help

This project involves regular engagement and activities with homes housing the terminally ill, to provide physical and more importantly, emotional support to terminally ill children, youth and elders. This motivates them to live the remainder of their life with a positive attitude, confidence and dignity.


4Shrimad Rajchandra Hunger Relief Programme

This is a project to encourage people to distribute food packets to the poor at traffic lights, bus stops, etc. These food packs are sold to people who can keep them in their vehicles so that they do not have to deny any needy individual who may approach them. Meals were provided to over 1.5 lakh people in 2012 alone!


5Shrimad Rajchandra Distribution of Essential Aids for Respite (DEAR)

While the rich live a luxurious and easy life, there are many who cannot even afford the basic necessities. To provide a helping hand to such people, periodic events for mass distribution of utility items to the poor and slum-dwellers are organised. This project presents an opportunity for people to share the best they have to offer. Besides offering financial support, one can contribute clothes, medicines, stationery and more which can be distributed to the underprivileged. Clothes, monsoon and winter shelter as well as other utilities were distributed to over 30,000 people in 2012.


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