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Love and Care

Every day, life presents us with countless opportunities to express how much we care.
Often, we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a shared shoulder, a warm hug or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around and also make one feel content within.

Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care Programme gives you this wonderful opportunity to fill your life with love, compassion, happiness and contentment, by making a difference to lives around you.

1.Share your time: By participating in Seva programmes dedicated to the selfless service of others by
  • Offering a week
  • Offering a weekend

2.Share a fragment from your income: By donations.

3.Share your ideas: Offer your valuable suggestions to help us help others.

4.Share your experience: By informing your friends, colleagues, and family about the programme, thereby increasing the circle of care.

We welcome your feedback, suggestions and queries

  Contact Us  
Sr. No. Care Contact Person Contact Details
1 Health Care Dr. Hitesh Mehta Tel: 09820121575 (M)
2 Educational Care Hirenbhai Shah Tel: 09821096964 (M)
3 Child Care Dr. Tina Mehta Tel: 09820930139 (M)
4 Woman Care Upamaben Shah Tel: 09323038684 (M)
5 Tribal Care Dhaval Mehta Tel: 09820051478 (M)
6 Community Care Dr. Bijal Mehta Tel: 09819951135 (M)
7 Humanitarian Care Rajan Ramaswamy Tel: 09820310094 (M)
8 Animal Care Nainesh Kapadia Tel: 09870090089 (M)
9 Environmental Care Ratanbhai Lunawat Tel: 09820071576 (M)
10 Emergency Relief Care Mehul Khokhani Tel: 09821046603 (M)

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