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Satsang Shibirs

Application Procedure

Suspending your worldly activities,
Gift yourself regular Treats,
Rectify your Beliefs, drench in Devotion,
Get Elevated through Spiritual Retreats
Captivating pravachans by Pujya Gurudevshri

Do you wish to know the path of eternal freedom from the bondage of birth and death?
Do you wish to get hold of the Master key to self-transformation?
Do you desire an infallible solution to your never-ending problems?
Do you wish to experience moments of pure happiness and immense peace?

If 'yes' is the answer to any of these questions, then a satsang shibir is the right programme for you.

A satsang shibir is a spiritual retreat wherein Pujya Gurudevshri reveals the path to self emancipation through His experiential and powerful pravachans elucidating the essence of the scripture selected for the seekers' study during that entire year in an enthralling and captivating manner.

It is the experience of His listeners that Pujya Gurudevshri's words penetrate the core of their very being bringing on a feeling of peace, tranquillity and joy.
  • Each satsang shibir is a two day programme, comprising of four – five heart-touching pravachans.
  • About 12 such shibirs are held every year.
  • These shibirs are organised on weekends to enable the maximum number of people to benefit from Pujya Gurudevshri's transformational presence.
  • Each pravachan is also webcast within an hour of its completion so that those unable to attend are not bereft of the invaluable teachings imparted.

This year the revered scripture chosen for soulful self-analysis and in-depth contemplation is Shri Yogvasishtha Maharamayana, a prolific text composed by the renowned saint, Valmiki. This great text contains profound teachings structured as a philosophical dialogue between Sage Vasishtha and Shri Rama.

Being one of the most revered texts of Hinduism, with 32,000 shlokas, it is considered the crest jewel of Vedanta literature and a masterpiece of India’s spiritual heritage. The glory of this sacred text has been sung by saints from time immemorial and its fame is spread far & wide, with translations to various languages and presented to seekers in various forms.

Through the year 2019, Pujya Gurudevshri’s discourses will be based on the first two chapters of this scripture – Vairagya (Dispassion) Prakaran and Mumukshu (Seeker of Liberation) Prakaran. Composed in Sanskrit, it contains meaningful stories and anecdotes to help impart profound messages.

Thus, Shri Yogvasishtha Maharamayana is an essential study for a sincere seeker, guiding him towards liberation.

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