Param Krupalu Dev's 150th Janma Jayanti Year Aradhana


Download 150th Year Aradhana (PDF): Gujarati | English
  • During this special year, this aradhana will commence from Punam of that month to the Punam of the next month. Details of which tapa is to be undertaken in which month, will be announced in the pravachan, uploaded below and will also be emailed to you.
  • There are three options given for each tapa, from which any one or more can be taken up.
  • In case of a lapse in the aradhana, you may take your own self-prayashchit.
  • Specific details of each aradhana will be given below, during that particular month.
Global Stats
Kayotsarg Tapa
Bhadarva Punam - Aso Punam
6th Sep '17 - 4th Oct '17
A. Everyday 15 minutes of Kirtan dhyan (Stavans sung by Shri Jaisinghbhai)
B. Everyday 15 minutes of Tratak dhyan
C. Everyday 15 minutes of Sakshi dhyan in khadgasan (standing posture)



Aradhana Details
Period Tapa Options
Aso Sud Punam - Kartik Sud Punam
5th Oct '17 - 3rd Nov '17

Kayklesh A. Refrain from using air-conditioner at night / Bathe with cold water.
B. Embark on a Pada Yatra (one way) in your town to a place Sanctified by Param Krupalu Dev or Param Krupalu Dev's Mandir.
For eg. Mumukshus at Dharampur can do a Pada Yatra to the cemetery where Param Krupalu Dev had done Sadhana.
If both these options are not available in your town then embark on a Pada Yatra to a Jin Mandir little far away from your residence.
This Pada Yatra has to be undertaken twice in the month.
C. Refrain from using the lift / Sleep on the floor.
Bhadarva Punam - Aso Punam
6th Sep '17 - 4th Oct '17

Kayotsarg A. Everyday 15 minutes of Kirtan dhyan (Stavans sung by Shri Jaisinghbhai)
  • Jay Jagattrata Jagatbhrata and Sahajatmaswaroop Talo Bhavkoop
    Download (MP3)
  • Dayalu Dinanath Ajnanhari and Aho Rajchandra Dev Raat-divas
    Download (MP3)
B. Everyday 15 minutes of Tratak dhyan
Download 7 tracks one for each day of the week (MP3)
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7
C. Everyday 15 minutes of Sakshi dhyan in khadgasan (standing posture)
Download from E-Divine Shop.
Shravan Punam - Bhadarva Punam
7th Aug '17 - 5th Sep '17

Anshan A. For 4 days have only fruits and liquids.
B. No food after sunset everyday.
C. 4 Upvas / 4 Ekasana.
Ashadh Punam - Shravan Punam
9th Jul '17 - 6th Aug '17

Dhyan A. Perform 34 malas of 'Krupalu Dev' everyday.
B. Write 'Param Krupalu Devnu sharan phalibhoot ho' - 150 times everyday.
C. Everyday, twice, after morning and evening Devvandan, connect to the line - 'Hey Jiva, havey tare Param Krupalu Devni ajna nishchay upasva yogya chhe' and stay in that feeling.
Jeth Punam - Ashadh Punam
9th Jun '17 - 8th Jul '17

Ras Parityag A. For one month, give up mishtan and farsan / For one month, give up aerated drinks and cheese.
B. For one month, no restaurants / For one month, in any one meal per day, eat all the food items separately.
C. For one month, do not add any extra chutney, pickle, spices, lemon etc. in the food in your plate.
Vaishakh Punam - Jeth Punam
10th May '17 - 8th Jun '17

Prayashchit A. Do Alochana on both Chaudas (24th May & 8th June).
Download Bruhad Alochana: PDF | MP3
B. 34 Kshamapnas daily, corresponding to the 34 years of Param Krupalu Dev's lifespan.
C. Write your introspection everyday.
Chaitra Punam - Vaishakh Punam
11th Apr '17 - 9th May '17

Unodari A. Eat maximum of 20-25 morsels of food in one meal.
B. From 10:30 p.m. - 6:30 a.m. - no communication using WhatsApp, S.M.S, emails, phone or any gadget.
C. Not to read the newspaper/watch TV for more than 10 minutes in a day.
Fagun Punam - Chaitra Punam
12th Mar '17 - 10th Apr '17

Vaiyavaccha A. Arth Daan: Donate any amount with starting numbers of 150 every week this month. Eg. 150, 1,500, 15,000, 1,50,000, etc.
B. Aahar Daan: Donate 34 food packets of 'Raj Amrut' to the needy this month. For purchase and free home delivery within India of 'Raj Amrut' food packets, please click here. For mumukshus abroad, they can donate 34 food packets similar to 'Raj Amrut'.
C. Shastra Daan: Gift books regarding Param Krupalu Dev to 11 new people to introduce Him to them.
Maha Punam - Fagun Punam
10th Feb '17 - 11th Mar '17

Vrutti-sankshep A. One Abhigraha everyday
B. Maximum 4 items in either lunch or dinner
C. Observe celibacy for a month
Posh Punam - Maha Punam
12th Jan '17 - 9th Feb '17

Swadhyay A. Read 'Updeshchhaya' in one month
B. Read 'Jeevan Kala' in one month
C. Memorise 4 letters / compositions by Param Krupalu Dev
Maghsar Punam - Posh Punam
13th Dec '16 - 11th Jan '17

Saleenta A. One Samayik everyday
B. Do all sadhana at the stipulated time
C. Total 150 hours of maun in a month
Kartik Punam - Maghsar Punam
15th Nov '16 - 12th Dec '16
Vinay A. Everyday perform Charan Pujan and 34 times repeat the bhavna - 'Mane Param Krupalu Dev Pratye Param Vinay Ho'
B. Write 150 Gunas (Virtues) of Param Krupalu Dev 4 times
Download PDF:
Gujarati | English Transliteration | English Transliteration with Meanings
C. Offer 150 Khamasanas to Param Krupalu Dev 4 times