Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur


To follow the Guru’s instructions is not a bond from HIS side.
It is your commitment to your own Divine goal.

Every soul has the same inherent power as the liberated souls. Just as a tiny seed has the potential of transforming into a vast tree, similarly each soul has the inherent potential to manifest divinity... to be God. When a seed is sowed, watered, nourished, cared for and protected, it develops into a huge tree. Similarly an aspirant who diligently follows the spiritual practices of bhakti, satsang, and meditation etc. as per his Guru's guidance and safeguards it with the fence of vows (vrats) develops spiritually and attains liberation (Moksh).

The 5 stages of development in a tree are:
  • The seed stage
  • The sprout stage
  • The leaf stage
  • The flower stage
  • The fruit stage

With the sole aim of the spiritual well being of all souls, Pujya Gurudevshri, out of selfless compassion, has conceived a 5-levelled journey of spiritual progress, corresponding to the 5 stages of progressive development in a tree. Thus the 5 spiritual stages are named: Beejam, Ankuram, Parnam, Pushpam, Falam.

Just as a fence is required for the protection of a seed, similarly for the protection of the seed of spiritual initiation, abstinence from Saat Vyasan i.e. 7 addictions (gambling, alcohol, non-vegetarian food, major theft, prostitution, adultery and hunting); Saat Abhakshya i.e. 7 forbidden food items (fruits of the banyan, peepal and peepla tree, umarda, figs, honey and butter), root vegetables, eating after sunset, lilotri i.e. vegetables; along with an ethical lifestyle etc., such conduct will be helpful as stated by Param Krupalu Dev in Updeshnondh - 36. The necessary abstinence for each diksha has been given in the table under the column of eligibility. Please click here to view the table.

Please note: On the evening prior to the satsang shibirs in Dharampur, one may receive initiation into these dikshas from Pujya Gurudevshri.
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