Arhat Touch

Arhat Touch is a worldwide chain of classes that aims at reviving interest and participation in the Jain religious tradition and promoting a deeper and more meaningful insight into Jain philosophy.

Arhat Touch has grown to centres worldwide and has inspired hundreds of children to study Jainism.

Founded on the auspicious day of Gurupurnima, 7th July 2009, Arhat Touch is a 4 year programme of weekly classes specially designed for 9 to 12 year olds. The mission of the Arhat Touch programme is to create the necessary curriculum and environment for children across the world to learn and internalise the rich culture of Jainism in a scientific, practical and enjoyable manner.

Arhat Touch is a new age Jain pathshala incorporating 35 sessions of 2 hours each totalling 70 hours of learning at each level. It takes the exemplary teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira and serves them in a contemporary setting; using modern technology such as audiovisual aids, interactive games and other teaching tools like worksheets, quizzes and field trips to reinforce the curriculum. Through Arhat Touch, the children are able to study Jain Philosophy, rituals and mythology, and also pursue self-development.

The Arhat Touch teachers, fondly known as Didis, are trained through specialised Teachers' Training Programmes to teach Jainism in a fun and interactive manner.

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  • About Arhat Touch:

    "Today, we need to spread the message of peace in the world through non-violence, friendliness and kindness. And to manifest this pure intention, Arhat Touch will be the means to begin the process. The preparations are very beautiful, the arrangements, commendable. In Arhat Touch, superior efforts are made to instill the principles of the Jain religion in the children's hearts, in a language that they understand."

    - Ganivarya Naypadmasagarji Maharajsaheb

  • “May this generation, the future generation, the future of the Jain society be blessed by such movements... with this may today's child become tomorrow's 'shravak' and later become a 'sadhak' the day after that; and finally by tradition, in the future, become an enlightened being... for that (Arhat Touch) is the process... I do believe that Arhat Touch is the preliminary process of today for the making of a future of enlightened beings...” (Translated from Gujarati)

    - Pujyashri Namramuniji Maharajsaheb

  • "... if, as parents we don't realise our responsibilities (towards children) then we will be doing injustice towards that soul. With humility and love, I tell you, please ensure that your children participate in Arhat Touch... Arhat Touch is a new and positive thought for our pathshalas." (Translated from Gujarati)

    - Pujyashri Jinchandraji Maharajsaheb

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