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At an Animal Shelter

Field Trips and Humanitarian Activities

Field Trips are of key importance in the Arhat Touch Curriculum. They allow the children to practically apply the knowledge and philosophy they have learnt in everyday situations.

For example, children have visited the derasar and practically carried out the 16 activities to be done whilst in a derasar; they have learnt about ahimsa and have been to visit animals at the Animal Shelter and have gone on picnics to dissolve in the beauty Mother Nature has provided for us. In each level, a field trip will take place to further reinforce the teachings.

Humanitarian activities are also encouraged throughout the curriculum of Arhat Touch. A few examples of this taking place are first-aid classes, cooking for your loved ones, drama projects and a cleanliness drive at an old age home. This not only offers the child another avenue for enjoyment and fun, but it gives them the ability to become more mature, understanding and considerate towards everyone and everything around them.

Parents' Retreat

Every year, SRD parents and children from all over India gather at Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, Dharampur for an elevating and educative SRD Parents’ Retreat.

Such retreats offer an invaluable opportunity for families to learn how to nurture and deepen their mutual bonds. Children are introduced to various special avenues of learning and improving their skill sets, while parents are coached by renowned educational trainers from all over India.

The end result of these retreats are inevitably - upliftment in spirituality, expanded horizons of learning, an end to old ways of thinking and the dawn of passionate parenting.

Fun Filled Sessions by External Trainers


Parent's Day

Arhat Touch also takes pride in holding a Parent's Day, for parents to get familiar with what their child is learning at Arhat Touch, and how their child is progressing. A cultural performance is also held on this day, to showcase the talents of the children to their friends and family!

Celebrating Paryushan Parva

The festival of forgiveness, Paryushan Parva, is celebrated by Jains worldwide. During this pious festival, communities and families come together to seek forgiveness for their past deeds, thus enabling seekers to move closer to their soul.

Each year, the tender hearts of Arhat Touch take part in an inspiring, elevating and thought-provoking interpretation of what Paryushan means to them.

So far, children have participated in Ahimsa Awareness Marches, the Arhat Touch Peace March and an exhibition entitled ‘In Communion with Jainism,’ thus touching thousands of people the world over.

It is truly the endless grace of Tirthankar Bhagwans, that children as young as eight years of age have been motivated by this heart rending festival of Paryushan Parva. In turn, they have inspired thousands around them, young and old alike period.

The Arhat Touch Paryushan Peace March

Serving the Community


Arhat Touch children, at this stage in their lives, overcome various obstacles related to growing up. The mark of healthy growth in a tree is a strong foundation with wide stretching branches. In Arhat Touch, while children charge their spirits with an understanding of Jain philosophy, rituals and mythology, growing deeper in knowledge, this growth in Arhat Touch is complimented with external growth through practical self-development.

Thus, various practical learning tools such as field trips to orphanages, animal shelters, along with temples, etc. are also incorporated in the syllabus so that the children may grow to be confident, and well rounded individuals and learn to extend themselves in the world in the form of seva and compassion.


Arhat Touch holds various workshops for Didis and parents, to help improve overall teaching and learning. Didis and parents have been able to expand their horizons through various teaching, learning techniques and creativity skills, to name a few.

Learning Techniques for Effective Teaching

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