Arhat Touch Testimonials

  • About the overall programme: "Today, we need to spread the message of peace in the world through non-violence, friendliness and kindness. And to manifest this pure intention, Arhat Touch will be the means to begin the process. The preparations are very beautiful, the arrangements, commendable. In Arhat Touch, superior efforts are made to instill the principles of the Jain religion in the children's hearts, in a language that they understand." - Ganivarya Naypadmasagarji Maharajsaheb

  • “May this generation, the future generation, the future of the Jain society be blessed by such movements... with this may today's child become tomorrow's 'shravak' and later become a 'sadhak' the day after that; and finally by tradition, in the future, become an enlightened being... for that (Arhat Touch) is the process... I do believe that Arhat Touch is the preliminary process of today for the making of a future of enlightened beings...” (Translated from Gujarati) - Pujyashri Namramuniji Maharajsaheb

  • "... if, as parents we don't realise our responsibilities (towards children) then we will be doing injustice towards that soul. With humility and love, I tell you, please ensure that your children participate in Arhat Touch... Arhat Touch is a new and positive thought for our pathshalas." (Translated from Gujarati) - Pujyashri Jinchandraji Maharajsaheb

  • With the grace of Shrimad Rajchandraji and Pujya Gurudevshri's blessings, all the children have experienced something transformational - where they have realised the need to work on themselves, find peace and attain true happiness in connection with God - something that many of us adults search for today.