Magictouch Activities

Sharing love with others

Field Trips and Humanitarian Activities

Field Trips are of key importance in the Magictouch Curriculum. They allow the children to practically apply the knowledge and philosophy they have learnt, in everyday situations.

For example, the children visit a Gurudwara after learning about Guru Nanakji, and go to a Buddhist Temple after gaining knowledge on the Lord Buddha. In each term, a field trip is organised to further reinforce the teachings for every Magictouch child.

Humanitarian activities are also encouraged throughout the curriculum of Magictouch. A few examples of this are the newspaper collection drive in Mumbai, the Peace March in Mumbai, visiting an orphanage etc.

Parents' Retreat

Every year, SRD parents and children from all over India gather at Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, Dharampur for an elevating and educative SRD Parents’ Retreat.

Such retreats offer an invaluable opportunity for families to learn how to nurture and deepen their mutual bonds. Children are introduced to various special avenues of learning and improving their skill sets, while parents are coached by renowned educational trainers from all over India.

The end result of these retreats are inevitably - upliftment in spirituality, expanded horizons of learning, an end to old ways of thinking and the dawn of passionate parenting.

Sessions on Enhancing Parenting Skills

At Sir Humes School

School Connect

Under the ‘School Connect Programme,’ SRD sevaks visit various schools and conduct workshops and skits on interesting, practical topics and festivals. Thousands of children have already been enriched via this wonderful and innovative programme!

These special workshops entail fascinating scenarios to ignite the children’s imagination; for example, during the festival of Janmashtami, the village of Gokul is brought to life and values are imparted through fun-filled stories of Lord Krishna.

In addition, colourful and highly interactive experiential learning takes place through these sessions, such as the successful sharing of moral values through the skit on the Rainbow Fish Story and the skit on Bhakt Prahlad, which has been conducted in numerous schools.

Parent's Day

Magictouch also takes pride in holding a Parent's Day, to familiarise the parents with what their child is learning at Magictouch, and how their child is progressing. A cultural performance is also held on this day, to showcase the talents of the children to their parents and friends!

Joy at Magictouch with parents

Discussing ideas

Workshops and Exhibitions

In order to help improve overall teaching and learning, Magictouch holds various workshops for Didis and parents. Didis and parents have been able to expand their horizons through various teaching and learning techniques, creativity skills and understanding techniques, to name a few.

Mobile Magictouch

Mobile Magictouch is always on the move, aiming to unfold divinity in little hearts all over India, by using the exciting Magictouch curriculum as an effective manner of teaching.

Children have been encouraged to delve into sections of the curriculum and experience the joy and excitement for learning that can take place.

Magictouch on the move

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