Seva at Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch

Offering Seva at SRD
Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch predominantly functions on the strong shoulders of sevaks offering voluntary services to the organisation. These sevaks come from different walks of life, and also from a variety of fields. We have a vast array of sevaks ranging from mothers of SRD children, housewives and professionals, who are dedicatedly working together, hand in hand, with a single goal in their minds and hearts - to offer their best to the growth of the organisation.

We have regular training sessions in every field of seva, alongside Teacher's Training Programmes, specially designed for the growth and enhancement of the sevaks. In turn, this reflects in the growth of the organisation. The structure of seva is designed to ensure harmony in the functioning of the entire organisation. To offer seva at SRD, please contact your nearest Centre Head and join us!
Facilitator teaching in class
Creativity at Magictouch
The Core Departments of SRD
The core departments consist of departments which aid all the centres of SRD the world over.

  • Curriculum Team - It conducts the necessary research and builds the lessons with the main motto of imparting knowledge in a fun-loving way, so that it becomes the childrens' wisdom.
  • Creativity Team - It supplies the curriculum with creative aids required for the lessons being planned for the children.
  • Audio and Video - It aids the curriculum with all the audio-visuals required for the enhancement of the classes.
  • Training and Development - It helps in the growth of the sevaks who are directly in touch with children and also all the other sevaks. After all, it is in the growth of an organisation that the key to its success lies.
  • Events and Public Relations - It organises events and annual shows such as, 'Showers of Grace,' and introduces SRD to other organisations, as SRD believes in constant extension and growth of the Family.
  • Information Technology - It helps the organisation evolve in technological aspects.
  • Logistics - It handles distribution to all the centres around the globe and also manages Production and Marketing.
  • Finance and Accounts - It works in a very refined and efficient manner. It handles all the finance related aspects and sees that there is never a speed breaker in the growth of the organisation.
Worldwide Centres
The centres are miniature versions of the Mother Centre. These centres are instrumental in spreading the message of Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch to each and every child. The centres have departments like Teaching, Snacks, Creativity, Accounts and Stores.

  • Teaching Team - The Teaching Team facilitators are the ones who are directly instrumental in imparting values to children.
  • Snacks Team - It consists of middle aged ladies who give seva by preparing nutritious, healthy and delicious food for the children.
  • Creativity Team - It makes all the necessary material for making learning more colourful and interesting.
  • Accounts and the Stores - These departments handle the daily expenses of the centre and also help in regulating the necessary material for the centre, along with its maintenance. They also ensure that there is always sufficient material for all the young ones coming to the centre.
Cooking Workshop