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Spiritualtouch is a global programme for teenagers and young adults between 13 to 16 years of age. Founded on the auspicious day of Gurupurnima, 21st July 2013, this two-fold programme consists of 4 levels of study and at each level youngsters are offered workshops for personal, social, moral, and spiritual development.

Spiritualtouch has spread to centres across the world,
allowing hundreds of children to become rooted in wisdom.

To deepen and further nurture life values, a contemplative study of the life and chosen works of Shrimad Rajchandraji is also offered, as a more accelerated and exhaustive study towards spiritual development.

The workshops are an amalgamation of high quality sessions focusing on personal lifestyle management topics such as time management, desire management, habit management, anger management, and much more. Along with this, relevant training in key interpersonal skills for successful group and community interaction, such as leadership, effective communication, etc. are also offered, thereby fusing important lessons for imbibing the attitude of acceptance, personal courage, positive and realistic thinking and stress management to name a few.

The values taught, are explored and enhanced through indoor and outdoor activities, games, group discussions, debates, competitions and real life simulations; formulated, to provide the teenagers with a well rounded and exhilarating programme, thus preparing them for adulthood.

Furthermore, workshops are enhanced through the association and teachings from renowned educational and spiritual institutions. Spiritualtouch teachers, fondly known as Facilitators, are trained through specialised Teachers' Training Programmes conducted by both, in-house trainers and experts from across the world.

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  • "I must say I am completely amazed at the beautiful skit that our children have just put up, it absolutely filled my heart with the wonder of the possibility of the right guidance through this endeavour, and as in all things, as a mother and a teacher, I am believing everyday that they are our true ambassadors in everything. They finally will show us the way. I have no doubt, that this programme.. Spiritualtouch, which is going to concentrate on time management, goal management, anger management as some of its crucial objectives, will be a wonderful way of reaching out to children of this age."

    - Ms. Sudeshna Chaterjee, Ex-Principal,
    Jamnabai Narsee School
  • "It was a great pleasure and an honour for me to be present for the Inaugural Ceremony of the Spiritualtouch programme for teenagers. I am delighted to have had a chance to learn about this new programme and look forward to sharing the information with others who are interested in truly holistic development for teens, with special emphasis on spirituality and service to others."

    - Mrs. Sharonee Mullick, Head of College and Careers
    Singapore International School
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