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Mokshmulam Gurukrupa

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1 Mokshmulam Gurukrupa English 223 MRP:  Rs.250/-
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2 Mokshmulam Gurukrupa Gujarati 234 MRP:  Rs.250/-
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3 Mokshmulam Gurukrupa Hindi 248 MRP:  Rs.250/-
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1 Mokshmulam Gurukrupa Gujarati 234
2 Mokshmulam Gurukrupa Hindi 248

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1 Mokshmulam Gurukrupa English 223
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A spiritual journey begins with the divine intervention of the Guru. Deluded in darkness, the disciple meets with the light of wisdom, and the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a winged butterfly unfolds. When the disciple is able to fathom and comprehend the greatness of the Master, he delves into the majestic, inner state.
Along the way, there are the ups and downs – where the disciple may even be fearful of the Guru, of letting go personal likes and dislikes, and dissolving the ego. With His skilful and loving guidance, the aspirant slowly but surely, with persistence and faith overcomes the blocks – gracefully progressing on the path to self-realisation.  When he advances to surrender everything at the altar of the Guru, learns the art of living in His folds and transforms his being, it is then that Divine Union is attained. 

This journey of a beautiful Guru – shishya relationship, with all its profound facets and fascinating nuances is uncovered and portrayed in Mokshmulam Gurukrupa – a compilation of four soul-stirring discourses by Pujya Gurudevshri. 


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