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Mantramulam Guruvakyam

His word I will follow

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1 Mantramulam Guruvakyam Gujarati 189
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The teachings of a Self Realised Master transform the state of a seeker. Infused with immense power, the Guru’s benevolent words bring about self-realisation upon reflection and contemplation. Veneration of the Guru’s words is the ultimate way to evolve from a state of attachment, aversion and ignorance to the exalted state of complete enlightenment.

'Mantramulam Guruvakyam' consists of 4 edifying pravachans by Pujya Gurudevshri that extol the virtues of the Sadguru and His teachings. Each chapter serves as a roadmap on the spiritual journey. The Path of Devotion acclaims worship as an easy and understandable means to attain the Supreme. Liberation lies at the Feet of the Guru, enunciates loving surrender by the seeker to the Master. Free from preconceived notions, the devotee is convinced that The Ultimate Path to Emancipation is following the Guru’s preaching. Obeying His Command accrues Infinite Benefit, declares the aspirant’s faith that abiding by His words leads to an unparalleled flowering of virtues, eventually attaining the state of the Guru.

'Mantramulam Guruvakyam' is sure to offer invaluable tips to enthusiastic aspirants seeking to reach the abode of inner peace and bliss.

The book is available in English, Gujarati and Hindi.


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