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Premarpit Shibir - 2012

Premarpit Shibir - 2012

Place Shri Kulpakji Tirth
Event Date 23rd Jul '12 - 25th Jul '12
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DVD Rs.125/-

A moment spent with the Great Master is enough to transcend the world. Three days of the unforgettable Premarpit Shibir from 23rd to 25th July 2012 in the divine presence of Pujya Gurudevshri transported all to great heights of devotion.

Amidst the consecrated surroundings of Kulpakji Tirth, 80 kms from the southern city of Hyderabad the Premarpits regaled in divine festivities.

Letting go of the material world, the Premarpits took this opportunity to establish a firm bond with their Sadguru. Grand snatra puja, elated nrutya bhakti, arti, experience sharing and an inspiring drama by the devout Premarpits touched everyone to their very core.

The highlights of this extraordinary Premarpit Shibir that reaffirms one’s spiritual focus and commitment is incorporated in a DVD and is available for sale.


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